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We are a Calgary based, multidisciplinary foot health clinic. We incorporate physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture to complement our pedorthic treatment.

Pedorthic services

Pedorthics is the practice of assessing, modifying, designing and fitting of both custom foot orthotics and footwear to assist in a variety of lower extremity conditions and discomfort or pain. Some common foot and lower extremity problems include, arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions/bunionettes, shin splints, claw or hammer toes, leg length discrepancies, sports injuries, and metatarsalgia. Once prescribed by a physician, Canadian Certified Pedorthists can perform an assessment to look at the whole ‘mechanical foot’ and provide the correct treatment.
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A custom foot orthotic is an appliance that replaces the existing insole of a shoe to support, correct, accommodate and prevent foot abnormalities to improve the mechanics and function of the foot. When used with appropriate footwear, a custom foot orthotic can be effective to treat a variety of foot and lower extremity conditions including heel, arch, forefoot, knee, hip, and low back pain, as well as shin splints, tendonitis, arthritis and much more. A custom foot orthotics can be manufactured from different materials to fit your desired footwear, from dress shoes to protective footwear, and a variety of sporting footwear such as ski boots and ice skates.
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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy involves the diagnosis and mobilization of joints, soft tissue and nerves to accommodate the range of motion at joints, and the activation, and tone of muscles. Physiotherapists can use a variety of techniques to restore normal mobility to allow safe and efficient functional ability. Treatments can involve manipulation, mobilization, traction, massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture,heat, ice, or hot/cold contrast, in conjunction with a tailored exercise program for maintenance.
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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is utilized for increasing general joint range of motion and decreasing muscle pain or soreness by relaxing tight muscles through manual manipulation of the soft tissues. Different massage techniques can elicit different responses by the body. Our Registered Massage Therapists can exercise these different techniques to accommodate your needs.
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Acupuncture is a treatment utilized as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves inserting thin, disposable needles into specific anatomical points on the body. This technique is a safe and effective treatment to release tight muscles by targeting trigger or motor points, or rebalancing the body's energy to treat insomnia, circulatory, digestive, respiratory problems, and much more. Acupuncture is performed by certified members of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute.
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Athletic taping and strapping

Athletic taping and strapping is commonly used to treat, support or prevent sport injuries. This allows for an extension of activity, or early return to sport. Various taping and strapping techniques can be utilized depending on patient need and anticipated outcome.
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Bracing is the application of an external appliance to existing body parts to align orsupport the joints resulting from overuse, injury or disease. Most common types of braces are knee, ankle and low back braces, all of which can be found either as off the shelf products or custom made.
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