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I think I need orthotics, where should I start?

Seeking a Canadian Certified Pedorthist is a great start! Kinetic Orthotics will offer a consultation to see what your needs are and help you make an informed decision.

Do I need a doctor's referral to get orthotics?

We highly recommend acquiring a prescription before booking an appointment with us.

Does Alberta Health Care cover Orthotics?

No. However, there are some government programs that subsidize a portion or all of the associated fees. It is the patient's responsibility to investigate which government program they are eligible for.

Does my extended health benefits or health insurance cover orthotics?

Most plans do cover a portion or all of the associated fees. It is the patient's responsibility to check with their benefits or insurance provider for coverage.

How much do orthotics cost?

The price can vary depending on your needs and wants as some materials will cost more than others. For example, a performance carbon fiber orthotic base with leather top cover will cost more than a basic plastic orthotic base with foam top cover. Please call for current pricing: 587-353-3883

What should I expect from booking my first appointment to receiving my orthotics?

We would greatly appreciate that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out paper work. You will then be seen by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist for a 45 minute comprehensive assessment that includes a detailed history, functional movements evaluation, gait assessment, manual examination of your lower extremity, and a 3D capture of your foot shape. The pedorthist will provide you with informations so you can make an educated decision for your next step. You will then be required to return two weeks later for a 15 minute appointment to pick up your orthotics. The appointment for pick up will consist of reviewing the symptoms of which you came for your first visit, then an evaluation of orthotic fit and function.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

A doctor's referral will be required. Wear, or have shorts or loose fitting pants at your first appointment. Also bring a couple pairs of footwear to be evaluated as part of the assessment.


Orthotics info

Break-in procedure

There may be a period of accommodation for your body to adjust to the corrections built into your orthotics. If the orthotics increase your symptoms or new discomfort arises from its' use, remove the orthotics from your footwear and replace the insole that came with your footwear - finish the day with the insole. Give the orthotics a second try the following day remembering to remove the insole before inserting the orthotics. If you are able to wear the orthotics longer than the previous day, accommodation is happening. Accommodation may take up to two weeks, and is achieved when a full day of orthotic use is tolerable.

Warranty, adjustments and modifications

Kinetic Orthotics stands by our products. We offer lifetime warranty on the orthotic base and three months of complimentary adjustments and modifications. An extension of warranty period for adjustments and modifications will be offered if an issue is not resolved during the first three months of warranty.

Cleaning my orthotics

The best way to extend the life of orthotics is to keep them clean! A good practice is to remove them from your footwear after excessive use to air out overnight. In the event that a thorough cleaning is required, use cloth dampened with a solution of mild soap and warm water to gently scrub. Quickly rinse and wipe off excess water. Air dry only. DO NOT soak or apply heat - which means the orthotics are not to be washed with your laundry or dishes.

Ordering a repeat pair

Simply call our office and request for a repeat pair. A discount may be available for current patients requesting repeat orthotics if your file is up to date. As your 3D foot shape is digitally archived and the design had been previously done, you will not be required to visit until you pick up your repeat orthotics.





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